Monday, February 21, 2011

Home Decor Projects: Intro

To start out this craft log (could we call this a clog?), here's a few projects from the past year or so. These projects were all part of a major nesting phase I went through recently after getting married. On a mission to decorate our first home cheaply, I'd say I got pretty creative with some of the cheapest (free) materials I could find.

"Decorating for two" was a challenge. I would often go to the craft store (Michael's or Hobby Lobby) with a project in mind, and then talk myself out of it either because I wasn't sure my husband would like it or because I felt guilty spending the money. Several times I brought fabric samples home and then either he or I or both decided against it. At any rate, these projects have sprung out of our mutual tastes, more or less, and my husband has been really supportive of them! I guess you could say that together, we are the warp and weft of our "woven home".

ps: I think I'll publish them as separate posts. Maybe it will be easier to search for them later?

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