Monday, February 21, 2011

Home Decor Projects: Fern Picture

Along the lines of the last post with pressed flowers, last summer I pressed some fern leaves for a picture for our bedroom. Found while hiking on a weekend retreat to Cran Hill Ranch, the ferns are really pretty and they also have some sentimental value. The picture frame was $2 at a local thrift store, Bibles for Mexico, and I just flipped over the ugly picture that was in it and used it as the background for the ferns! Yet another cheap project!


M. Lane said...

Wow, I absolutely love this idea. I'm big into plants, and ferns are one of my favorite plants because of their mysterious and delicate presence in wooded areas around here.

What drying process did you use?
~Matt Oosterhouse

caitmarie said...

Hey Matt, thanks for the comment! Honestly, I flattened the ferns in our road atlas on the way home from up north! So far they've kept their color and shape really well. I think the glass has helped keep them in good condition. Good luck if you try it!

M. Lane said...

Thanks, that helps a great deal. As soon as mid-summer comes along and the ferns have had a chance to mature and fill out their foliage, I'll go help myself to a cutting and give this a try.

I like your blog... it's such a great idea. Simple, yet, neat and inexpensive projects.

Keep it coming! :-)

KateLainey said...

This idea is super cute and easy! I think I might take my wedding flowers and do this.