Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Around Home: New Place

It has been quite an eventful few weeks!  We moved out of our townhouse about a week ago, and have come to live with my husband's grandmother for the rest of the summer.  It was physically and more-so emotionally challenging to pack up all of our things and move.  The home that we had "woven" together since we got married seemed to be unraveling in many ways.

I have been strongly reminded, however, that a home is not the physical surroundings of a place as much as it is the love that fills it.  I am comforted that although our location has changed, my home, my LIFE, is firmly rooted in my faith.  Home is wherever I'm with YOU, God!  Although I just can't seem to find our laundry hamper among the pile of boxes in the garage, I am still blessed to have the things I really need - my faith in God, my health, my husband, and my family and friends.  God's love and the love of our family and friends still comes with us and has filled this new living space too.  What a comfort it has been!

In the same way, the pillows and rugs, scarves and gifts that I have made do not have much value on their own - it is the love, time, thought, and creativity that I put into my projects that make the special.  I always hope that recipients of things I make can understand this.  I'm working on a few gift projects right now (posts to come once they've been given!), and it is such a joy to think about and pray for the recipient while I work.

This transitional period for us has its challenges, but all in all we feel very blessed to be so well provided for.  Here's just one photo to share - a photo of the beautiful new view I can enjoy while crafting.

Blessings in all your projects and home-weaving!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Spinning Projects: 8oz Merino Wool

So, I've definitely been totally caught up in this new project of spinning yarn!  I have learned SO much since I began back in January.  I've taken on lots of new projects since my past spinning post, but I'll limit this post to just one of those projects.  And believe me, it was a big project!
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Around home: My parents' garden

Keeping with the gardening theme from the last post, I wanted to show off my parents' garden. We convinced them to start a kitchen garden last summer as an experiment, and this year they've really run away with it! Last year the garden amounted to their neighbor tilling up some sod, planting some things, and putting a rough metal fence around it. Of course, the squash and weeds took over. In an attempt to keep things more orderly and accessible this year, my parents put in raised beds, simultaneously making it more permanent, beautiful, and organized! They daily receive accusations disguised as compliments about the "best looking garden in the neighborhood." Who knew they'd entered some sort of unspoken small-town contest? Anyway, the garden has really flourished in our hot weather. Check out the photos!

The garden on June 19.  Looking orderly and hopeful.
The garden on July 1. Looking like the squash are already taking over!
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Around Home: Patio Gardening

Things are starting to pick up here as we approach mid-summer. We will be moving in less than two weeks, staying with Grandma for the rest of the summer. Before our big move, I wanted to document what's going on in our humble little patio garden. Enjoy!

The whole patio crew. Rosemary, basil from seed, basil from starters
(we got impatient!), spinach , cilantro, lemon thyme,  super sweet 100
 cherry tomato, angora cherry tomato, and rutgers tomato.
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