Monday, July 2, 2012

Around Home: Patio Gardening

Things are starting to pick up here as we approach mid-summer. We will be moving in less than two weeks, staying with Grandma for the rest of the summer. Before our big move, I wanted to document what's going on in our humble little patio garden. Enjoy!

The whole patio crew. Rosemary, basil from seed, basil from starters
(we got impatient!), spinach , cilantro, lemon thyme,  super sweet 100
 cherry tomato, angora cherry tomato, and rutgers tomato.
More photos below...

Plastic windowboxes for basil (lime and sweet) and spinach.
The spinach went to seed before we even dared pick any.
Perhaps it got too much sun too quickly.

The first proof that these seedlings really will turn out to be cilantro!
Funny how the first two leaves look nothing like the actual plant.

Lemon thyme from a generous friend :-)

Verbenum - left over from the group we planted out front.

A couple weeks later (just the other day)- cilantro abounds!

Funny story - we got an orange mint plant from a wedding last summer,
 potted it, and threw it out when it died.  In the meantime, it had sent
out a runner that took root in the cement crack.  Now this year
we have an entirely new mint plant.  Mint is CRAZY!

The Angora cherry plant has far surpassed the others!

Angora cherry tomatoes starting to grow

In our hanging sweet potato vine basket, a mother robin has built a nest.
 It wasn't until uploading this picture that I realized there's an EGG in there!
See it?!

The Super sweet 100 tomato - not looking like it will produce even 10,
 let alone 100 tomatoes.  Oh well, at least the basil is thriving!

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Larissa said...

Oh fun! It looks wonderful :) I haven't made it to a farmer's market yet, but I better get my act together so I can have a patio garden too!