Monday, June 18, 2012

Jewelry-making: Earrings and necklace

Some turquoise earrings - just one large bead for each.
Here's another new craft I've recently picked up.  My neighbor happens to know a lot about jewelry-making, something I've always been too intimidated to try.  After she boosted my confidence by helping me make a simple pair of earrings, I bought a couple simple tools, some wire, and off I went!  First, I made a few more pairs of earrings, then a necklace for my mom for Mother's Day.  Of course I forgot to take some photos of that before I gave it to her, but here's a few photos of some other projects I've done since then.

flat-nosed pliers (chain plyers)
round-nosed pliers
small wire-cutter
20 gauge wire
earring hooks

For some basic jewelry-making techniques, my friend taught me most of what I needed.  Browsing through YouTube videos also helps.  Any questions, let me know!
More photos below...

A robin's nest necklace.  I found the tutorial here.

Brown/pink earrings

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Larissa said...

Lovely! I wish I could have joined your jewelry making party :) I especially like the turquoise ones!