Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crochet Projects: Starling Handbag

A recent project, this one combines a few things I've been wanting to do:
(1) I finally get to try out futuregirl's Starling Handbag pattern.
(2) I get to use up the leftover yarn from my husband's glittens (post on those to come).
(3) I get to try felting.
(4) I get to use my sewing machine.
(5) I get to make something for me!

So yes, this purse is made using futuregirl's Starling Handbag pattern, which is very well done and includes helpful video and photo tutorials for all the complex steps of the process. Poke around her blog for a while and you'll find everything you need, and then some!

Here are the more technical details of the project, in case you're interested in the changes I made. (If not, just look at the pictures!)

Lionbrand Fisherman's Wool yarn in Oak Tweed (just over half a skein)
Caron Simply Soft yarn in Raspberry (very small amount)
Crochet Hook size G
1/4 yard fabric
sewing thread
sewing needle
yarn needle
one button

I prefer purses which are wide and shallow, because it's easier to find things in them. So I decided to make the largest size of the purse. I knew I wouldn't have enough yarn to make it as tall, but I wanted a wide base. I also wanted longer handles, so that I can put the purse on my shoulder. In fact, I would have made them even longer than I did (if I'd had more yarn). I added a tab and button closure also.

For the felting, I just put the purse in the washer with three old useless tennis balls, then washed hot and rinsed cold. One time through was plenty of felting for me. Turned out great! I stitched the maroon accents (just single crochet around the handles and a running stitch on the main part) BEFORE felting, and made the fabric lining AFTER felting.

Also, to remember for next time, I should maybe choose yarn AND fabric at the same time. It took me FOREVER to find a fabric that I liked for the inside!

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futuregirl said...

That's a wonderful Starling! I love the raspberry accents. Thank you so much for your sweet word about my pattern. :)