Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crochet Projects: Convertible Cowl

This will be the first of a few wearable winter projects, made mostly for me and mostly out of left-over yarn. Also, this is my first (embarrassing) attempt at photographing myself wearing some of them. Let's just say my husband and I had a laugh at some of the expressionless, face-on shots which now rest in my laptop's recycle bin...

Anyway, this cowl pattern is one that I adapted from Jaida Louisa's "half hour cowl". Instead of joining the beginning chain, I just crocheted one flat panel. To one end I added three buttons. That way, the cowl can be worn three different ways. There are no button holes, because the open pattern leaves more than enough space between stitches to fit the buttons. Sometimes I just wear the cowl with a long-sleeve t-shirt as an accessory. It can also be worn with a coat to keep your neck warm in the cold. And cowls are much less bulky than long scarves when worn under a coat. Great new trend!

The yarn I used: Michael's brand Loops & Threads yarn

I bought this super bulky yarn to make some "glittens" for my sister-in-law for Christmas, but the yarn was TOO bulky- the mittens were huge! I learned the lesson that yarn weight really does matter sometimes.

Three ways to wear the cowl:
(1) Bring the two short ends together and button with the two short-end buttons to form a regular cylinder.
(2) Twist the cowl once and then button the short-end buttons to form a "moebius" cowl which lays flatter.
(3) Wear the cowl across the back of the neck so the ends meet in front at a 90 degree angle, then use side and corner buttons for a criss-cross in front.

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