Monday, February 27, 2012

Card-making Projects: Pennant Greeting Cards

Here's just a little inspiration for those who like to make homemade greeting cards.  This is a newer hobby of mine, which I started after a particularly stressful time picking out a last-minute card at the store.  It was heartbreaking to me to buy a $4 piece of cardstock that only partially fit the person I was buying it for.  Card-buying has always been a stressor for me, so I've started leisurely making cards during my free time.  That way, I always have some on hand for simple thank you notes, etc.  I also try to make birthday cards ahead of time, tailored more specifically to the recipient.  This has drastically improved the card-giving experience for me, as these are usually well-received, AND I can feel great about investing more time and creativity than money in something that's ultimately more appropriate anyway.

And so, in some free time the other day I made these pennant cards, blank on the inside and ready to have a "Happy Birthday" or "Congratulations" written on the front.  Each was made using white cardstock folded in half.  Then I took some scrapbook paper and cut tiny triangles (to make this easier, cut a strip 1/2" wide, then cut at angles all the way across).  Then I used a thick black pen to draw a sloping line, then used a gluestick to stick on the triangles.  Have fun with different paper patterns!
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These are great! And simple!