Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crochet Projects: French Press Cozy

This was a quick project which I gave to my dad as a Father's Day present.  When a friend found an extra large Bodum french press in perfect condition at a garage sale, my husband had the great idea of giving it to my dad.  However, it was missing the wrap which keeps the coffee hot.  My dad has always been impressed with my crochet projects, but I have never made him anything. A crocheted french press cozy was the perfect homemade touch to the gift!

A pattern search on Ravelry came up short, so I made up my own pattern for a custom cozy.  Here's what I did:

Following Lionbrand yarn's Striped Chevron stitch, I chained 81. 
*With a ripple stitch, it is hard to estimate how long your starting chain should be, because the first row of stitches always gathers the chain into a zigzag.  I just guessed at how long to make the chain, then once I had a few rows done, I wrapped it around the press to make sure it reached exactly around.  The press I made this for is definitely larger in circumference than the average press, so check the fit before you finish the whole thing!

Next, follow the pattern for 22 rows (or until it's tall enough to cover the whole press) and bind off.  I chose to alternate with two colors of yarn - Sugar 'n Cream in Earth Ombre and Warm Brown.  I chained using brown, then did 2 rows of variegated, one row of brown, binding off on every color change and incorporating the ends as I went.

For the button flaps, I inserted the hook into one corner, then single crocheted until it was as long as the distance between the top and bottom of the side handle.  Single crochet about 3 rounds, then add a button hole row by doing a few scs, then chain 2, skip 2 sts, continue sc for a few more, chain 2, skip 2 sts, and finish the row with sc.  Add one more row of sc, and you're done!  I also added a smaller button flap to go around the bottom of the bottom handle.  Sew on a few buttons and that's it.

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