Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crochet Projects: Baby Elephants

Perhaps my favorite project yet! I stumbled on this pattern from Lion Brand's website a few months ago. Knowing that a close friend is expecting a baby at the end of April, and also that she is planning a jungle-themed nursery, I knew this precious little elephant would be a perfect shower gift!

As much as I like crocheting, it means so much more when I can spend that time making something that will bless someone else. A homemade gift can communicate such a deep message of love. I was so happy (and blessed myself!) to give the little elephant to such an appreciative friend. (Friend, best wishes on the last weeks of your pregnancy!).

So the little blue guy (or girl) has already found a place in the nursery. After showing him/her to my mom, she commissioned me (or at least provided yarn) to make two more as gifts for her friend's daughters. Hence the too-cute photos of all three.

For yarn, I used Hobby Lobby brand Pitter Patter yarn in Summer Sky, Rosy Cheeks, and Sunkisses. This yarn was difficult to work with, as stitches just disappear into the fluffiness. But if you can get the feel for where your stitches are, the end result is rewarding. My mom couldn't believe it was crocheted- it looks just like fabric!

It was difficult to tell from the pattern photo what the body would look like. It turns out that it's pretty much a ball with feet, ears, trunk, and tail. For the eyes, I used black yarn and made a french knot. To do that, I stuck the needle in the back and out where I wanted the eye, then pulled until the yarn tail disappeared into the body. Holding the needle close to the fabric, I wrapped the yarn about 5 times, then inserted the needle in the next stitch down, then pulled. Stick the needle out the back of the body, trim the yarn close, then fluff a bit so that it disappears into the stuffing. The stuffing will hold the yarn tails in, so no tying off or weaving in is necessary.

One of these elephants can be made in an afternoon. I already have plans to make at least one more little elephant for another expectant friend. And my husband might want one. I think he misses those cute little things sitting around ;-).


Brenna said...

Tee hee! I want one :) Too cute!

caitmarie said...

Let me guess, in yellow ;-). I do have leftover yarn...

Liz said...

Those are super cute!