Friday, February 15, 2013

Knitting Projects: Cabled Headband

 With the leftover yarn from the cabled hat I made, I tried out a more complex cable pattern and made this warm headband.  I've enjoyed learning how to make cables - it makes the project more interesting to work on, but it's just knit stitches so it doesn't slow me down too much (as lots of ssk or psso might).  I used this pattern but I wasn't happy with how the edges were curling up, so I used this pattern's edging.  I've gotten so attached to my cabled hat that I'm not sure this headband will get much wear - perhaps I'll give it to a friend?

More photos below.


Stefania Angelini said...

Is this just a knit pattern? No crochet pattern available?

Kaitlin Woskoff said...

Hi, I wanted to try to make this headband for my sister as a Xmas gift. It came out beautiful. How many stitches did you start with and when did you start to use the other patterns edging? Is the edging the k1 p1 k2 p2? Thanks so much!!!