Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Knitting Projects: Hat and Legwarmers

Hello from France!  As predicted, a lot of time has passed since my last post.  I've been crafting quite a bit, but have not been focused enough to photograph and document everything.  Now I'm finally getting organized enough to share some things, with hopefully a few regular posts to come.

First of all, here's a project I finished just before coming to France.  With our nephew due to be born a few weeks after we left, I wanted to give him something homemade beforehand.  My next post will be about the blanket I made him.  Not wanting his 2-year-old sister to feel left out, I made her something too - a hat and matching legwarmers.  She was in rare form the night of our good-bye party, and I've never seen her so excited for something I made her.  They fit her really well, and hopefully she's enjoying them in our absence.

The hat and legwarmers are made out of a beautiful single-ply wool yarn, perhaps Noro (the yarn was given to me without the label).  I haven't worked much with variegated yarn, and the colors really made the monotonous legwarmers a lot more fun to make.  I like how they're just a little bit different.

Here are the patterns for both:
Hat pattern
Legwarmer pattern

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