Thursday, April 5, 2012

Card-making Projects: Colored Pencil greeting cards

Here's a quick project that I was working on a week or so ago.  I picked up some scrap paper and my colored pencils one night and came up with these little cards.  I sketched the design lightly in pencil, then almost entirely erased the marks so they were just visible, then I went over them with a colored pencil, adding some shading here and there.  I've never been great at drawing things free hand, but I think these turned out alright!  Look below for more photos.

The cards were inspired by this vase, a wedding
gift from my cousin.  I brought it out the other day
when my husband brought me these flowers!


M. Lane said...

Wow, absolutely lovely! Simple, yet very elegant, with a great splash and choice of colors. I'd love to see how these would turn out on some parchment cardstock :-)
~Matt O.

MariahWest said...

Woah, Caitlin! I just came across this post! Awesome colored pencil cards! you know that's my passion! I love them! So talented you are!

And I loved the cable hat you made for your sister! Extremely wonderful!

Its snowing like CRAZY here! We are supposed to get over a foot by saturday! Woah! I wonder if it is snowing there at all...