Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Around Home: My Parents' House

In the fall of 2009, my parents sold their 21-year-old house and moved into a 175-year-old house, fulfilling a long-time dream of theirs to fix up and live in a historic home.  The house, a Dutch colonial style built in 1835, was originally a general store and was converted to a house a few years after it was built.  My parents have been working one room at a time to restore it.  Here are just a couple photos from the main floor entryway and living room.  Enjoy!

When the one-room schoolhouse around the corner
was torn down last year, my parents took the wooden
floors and redid the entryway floor with it.  The large rug
is from an antique store, and the smaller one at the door
was made by my mom.
A collection of my mom's samplers lead the way upstairs.
You see where I get my craftiness from?
The mantle in the living room
My parents took old barn wood and made these shelves
and cupboards.  The original shelves and doors were tacky
white slatted things.

Perhaps I will post more photos down the road as they finish more rooms!

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Vicky F said...

Hey, I've seen that house before! How did you keep Jack out of the photos?
Great blog, Caitlin.
Vicky F